Kardashians Weekly Is OFFICIALLY Launching

By Dakota T. Jones

Sept. 24th marks the “10 Year Anniversary Special” of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on E!. It will also be the kickoff of the BRAND NEW “Kardashians Weekly” show on AfterBuzz TV. Previous panel members Dakota T. Jones & Howard the 3rd from the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” after show are set to return as well as new additions Guinwa Zeineddine & Shanti Christina. With their individual, unapologetic approach, they are sure to tell it how it is each week as they spill the tea on America’s “favorite” family. Follow along as they try to “keep up” with this family empire by discussing the latest episodes, news and gossip, their current fashion/make up trends, and SO MUCH MORE! The best part? The show will run year round with no hiatus which means YOU will always have a place to turn to for Kardashian updates! Who knows, they might even bring some special guests along for the ride. Tune in every Sunday at 8pm pst ONLY on AfterBuzz TV.