In Real Life finally announces the name for their fandom, plus new Christmas music, celebrity crushes, and the roles they each play in the group!

By Stephen Lovegrove

“In Real Life,” currently the biggest boy band in the world, stopped by the Afterbuzz studios on August 29, 2017 to talk with Stephen Lovegrove and Suzanne Quast about their recent victory on the ABC series Boy Band.

They are celebrating their first single, “Eyes Closed” reaching #8 overall on the iTunes charts overnight. In Real Life performed their first official show at Universal Citywalk on Saturday night, August 26th, in front of a huge audience turnout.

The guys of IRL are filming the music video for the single on August 30th, 2017. They are primarily filming outdoors on an LA rooftop in weather that is predicted to be over 100 degrees. The “Eyes Closed” music video will be shared on social media in the coming weeks.

The boys were thrilled to announce that they just recorded a Christmas song which “definitely incorporates a lot of different elements,” It’s an original song – not a cover of a Christmas classic, but one that is completely unique to In Real Life. Chance Perez mentioned how rare it is for there to be new Christmas songs, especially from boy bands, and Brady confirmed that it’s a pop song that perfectly matches their sound. Fans can expect the Christmas single to be out later this year.

When asked about the roles each of the boys play in the group, they expressed that Sergio is the comedic relief; Michael Conor is the inspiration; Chance is the dad of the group; Drew is the nerd; Brady is the realist.

The boys were happy to reveal the long-awaited name for their fandom – LIFELINES. Brady explained the name has significance because the fans were their lifelines during the show, voting to keep them on each week and then to put them into the band. As Michael Conor put it, “Our fans are our lifelines.”

The guys of IRL each shared their dream musical collaborations and personal inspirations:
Chance – Michael Jackson
Brady – The Weeknd
Sergio – Charlie Puth
Drew – Bruno Mars
Michael – Logic
They also shared their surprising celebrity crushes in the interview!

The IRL boys revealed they have a group goal of performing on the VMA stage next year. They also would love to perform at Madison Square Garden and Staples Center one day.

Each boy finished the show by sharing their personal favorite movie, Boy Band architect, candy, song, fast food restaurant, superhero, Disney princess, ice cream flavor, and fan gift.

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