Annie Ilonzeh and Stephen Bishop Talk Til Death Do Us Part

By: Chae’ Jones

When the words you pledged in marriage are taken to extreme measures, things can get very interesting. On Black Hollywood Live’s interview series, “Conversations”, host Chae’ Jones talks with Annie Ilonzeh and Stephen Bishop about their upcoming psychological thriller movie “Til Death Do Us Part” coming to theaters nationwide on September 29th. This movie is very intense and filming this movie process for both actors was tough but it is something that has to be respected.

When asked what drew them to this movie Ilonzeh and Bishop get real. “It resonated with me. I’ve been in abusive relationships and I think not just… I think the story needs to be told has honest as possible and it needs to be honored. Not only as for myself as reasons of it being very cathartic and therapeutic for me. I wanted to represent her as truthful as a I could and being able to pool from my past, I just thought it was really important not just from an actor but from the point of view of it being real life.” Bishop also added, “I took it because it was a stretch. It was far beyond anything I’ve done before. And I wanted to break out of the type casting I’ve been in with the love interest and the nice guy. This was a huge departure from myself as a person and most of the character I’ve played. It was a challenge for me and probably a big inspiration for me.”

This topic is something that constantly happens not only to women but to men too and I believe that after going to see this film that it will give others the courage to get out and know that it isn’t too late for you to make a change in your life to find the happiness you deserve.

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