Is Taylor Swift Era 6 Really Coming?

By Becca Brown

Is a new Taylor Swift era on the way? Fans all over the internet are predicting the answer is yes.

On Friday, which happened to be the third anniversary of her hit single “Shake It Off”, without any explanation or warning Swift deleted everything, yes EVERYTHING including her profile pictures/icons off of her social media accounts. Her website for the time being is also blank and black.

Swift fans on Twitter were quick to create the hashtags #TS6 and #TS6IsComing, in hopes that new Taylor Swift music will be dropping in the near future.

To add to the excitement, today on Twitter Swift posted a single video of what appears to either be a snake or a dragon which once again had fans freaking out and speculating.

When fans went to research in hopes to find out what Swift has been up to one fan found a song titled “Timeless” registered to her name on Genius. One of Swift’s past music video director’s, Joseph Kahn, also tweeted about the singer during today’s solar eclipse saying, “In 30 minutes, as a show of power, @taylorswift13 will blot out the sun.” followed by “People shouldn’t take my tweets literally, metaphorically, alliteratively, seriously, or ironically.”

What do you think Swift is up to? Comment below and let us know.