Stephen Glover Talks about “Crazy” Atlanta Ideas and His Emmy Nomination

By Becca Brown

Soon after FX’s Atlanta was announced as a 2017 Emmy nominated show, writer Stephen Glover, brother of creator and star Donald Glover talked with Entertainment Tonight about how the crazy ideas channeled in which no one was one hundred percent confident would work, earned him an an Emmy nomination for his writing.

Atlanta was a hit for FX in 2016 with not only the audience, but with the critics. The show recently earned a total of five Emmy nominations including Glover’s nomination for “Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series”.   

When asked about the show’s success Glover said, “We really thought it was going to be a show that people wouldn’t get. Like, ‘This is kind of out there, but it’s something I might like.’ But I think it turned out that people actually wanted something like that, something kind of weird. The response up front has been crazy.”

Glover’s nominated episode is called “Streets on Lock,” which is an episode about what happens directly after the pilot of the show in which Earn and Paper Boi must deal with the results of a parking lot shooting.

About the writing process for the show which involved a writing room of entirely black writers who were gaining their first TV experience, Glover says, “It was organic. We would meet at the house and talk about different things — things we wanted to see. We weren’t used to the typical structure and that worked to our advantage.”

Season two of Atlanta is confirmed to be returning in 2018. Make sure to catch the Primetime Emmys on Sunday September 17th to find out which Emmys Atlanta takes home. Check out our after show for Atlanta HERE: