Afterbuzz TV Drops A Bomb

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By: Christian Bladt
On the Tuesday, April 17th edition of Afterbuzz TV’s “The Trump Report”, Moderator Christian Bladt, alongside regular panelists Chelsea Galicia and Scott Moore, welcomed back special guests Jeffrey Mark Klein and Tim Stabers of Based In LA, discussing their weekend up at Berkeley, the Tax March, President Trump’s tax returns, the Mother of All Bombs, and a brief assessment of the Trump Administration as we near the 100 day mark.
One of the highlights of the show came when Christian asked his guests, Tim Stabers and Jeffrey Mark Klein, about their biggest disappointments with Trumps presidency.
Kelin offered, “My biggest disappointment is that Donald Trump said he was going to cut funding from Sanctuary cities and he still hasn’t. So, as somebody who is not a fan of sanctuary cities and was happy was Donald Trump said he was going to do that, I’m very disappointed.”
Stabers offered, “Today, when he was in Wisconsin, he was talking about his exec order and I haven’t looked at the actual specifics of it, but the rhetoric he’s using sound a little protectionist to me and as a free trade person, I don’t agree with rehortic. However, I haven’t looked at the actual bill.”