Fate Of The Furious Breaks Records


By: Jeff Graham

Fate Of The Furious Breaks Records By Blockbuster standards, the domestic opening for Fate of the Furious ($102 mil) was modest, if not solid, but globally the film shattered records with a $532 million worldwide box office receipt. The global box office record for an opening was previously held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which made $529 million globally for it’s opening weekend.

Domestically, “Fate” is the second highest opener in the franchise behind Furious 7, which opened with $147 mil domestically in 2015. The Furious Franchise is a staple tentpole for Universal. It is their highest grossing franchise, in addition to being the eight highest grossing film franchise of all time.

Domestically, it is the twelfth highest grossing franchise of all time. In terms of franchise totals: the eight films have cost a total of approximately $1 billion and have made a global total of approximately $4.4 billion.