What’s Leftover for HBO’s ‘The Leftovers?’


By: Jeff Graham

HBO premieres the first episode of it’s final season of THE LEFTOVERS. The show, about the mass disappearance of 1% of earth’s population, has endured low ratings, despite slowly garnering more and more critical acclaim.

Justin Theroux, who plays the lead on the HBO’s critical darling, had some thoughts about the ending of the show. Regarding it the decision made about the end, he offered, “I don’t think it’s controversial. I think our show does a thing where you expect it to zig and it always zags, so it definitely, I think, does that to a certain extent, but without giving anything away I can say when I read the script I was completely moved and thought it was a beautiful, beautiful way to end our show.”

As is typical for HBO, Mr. Theroux has done a number of nude scenes. Regarding his comfort level for situations life that, he offered, “There’s always a reason for me to be shirtless,” he said of his character, Kevin Garvey. “I’m either being rebirthed into a different astral plane — it does make a certain amount of sense that he would be naked. Or I’m waking up with my wife in the morning. It’s not The Dick Van Dyke Show. I’m not going to be wearing baby blue pajamas.”