13 Reasons Why EPs Shed Light On The Hit Show


Written by Becca Brown, Chae’ Jones, and Chanel Hurlin.

Our AfterBuzz TV “13 Reasons Why” hosts Hannah Prichard, Becca Brown, Chae’ Jones, and Chanel Hurlin recently recapped episodes four and five with executive producers Mandy Teefey and Kristel Laiblin. We got the inside scoop about everything from song choices to the casting process and what it was like for mother Mandy and daughter Selena Gomez to work together.

The iconic dance song, “The Night We Met” in episode five, by Lord Huron who Laiblin recently went to see in concert, has been her favorite song for about the past two years. In the scenes where Tony gives Hannah the dance mixtape and then later gives Clay the song, Laiblin said that “all of that was done without having a song and knowing that there was going to be the perfect song” and oh so perfect it was!

New actors, we’ve got some good news for you! Both Teefey and Laiblin said that during the casting process, resumes weren’t of much importance to them “we looked at what we want to see, who do we see everyday and who’s the best actor and that’s what we got.” Laiblin also pointed out that in the book, by Jay Asher, no race or ethnicity is mentioned when it comes to the characters. Teefey said “I’m going to know when I see Clay and Hannah” who ended up being Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford.

Knowing that this was also Selena Gomez’s passion project, Hurlin asked Teefey what the mother and daughter working relationship was like to which she replied “it’s actually the easiest thing we’ve ever done together.”

Laiblin and Teefey had been working on this project for the past eight years because they wanted it conveyed in the most perfect way to audiences. “I think this is the best example of sometimes it takes longer but if we can do it this way and the right way it’s worth the time”.

Business Insider reports that 13 Reasons Why is now the most popular show in Netflix history (social volume 3,585,110).

Watch the full after show HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdmIhUKhhHE