On-Location Film Production in L.A. Falls 5- year Low and TV Dramas Dip in Q1

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By: Caroline Hartshorn

New Low for On-Location Film Production Only three years after the California Film and Television Tax Credit program, on- location feature filming has declined by 36.3% in the first quarter of 2017, the lowest since 2012.

The Tax Credit Program goes to those films that shoot in Los Angeles. In the first quarter of 2017, eight films were shot in L.A. and have since contributed to 22.3 % of shoot days in the quarter. Enacted in 2014 by California lawmakers, the program expansion covers 1.65 billion in tax credits and offers eligible producers an additional 5% uplift by shooting outside the LA zone or using music scoring or visual effects in California. Even more recent, the tax credit was expanded to TV series including, most recently, Legion, Lucifer, The Affair, and The OA, which are all moving their productions to the LA area.

TV productions have stayed the same when compared to first quarter of 2016. Pilots and dramas, unfortunately have declined, when Comedies have actually increased 9.2%. All in all, production in Los Angeles is up a total of 10.3% over the past five years, largely in part to the contribution of Netflix.