‘Sense8’ Season 2 Trailer Drops

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By: Briana Phipps

The first trailer for the “Sense8” Season 2, was released by Netflix on Monday April 11th, 2017.

Our cluster of eight international misfits are back and while we may not know exactly what they’re going to get up to in this upcoming season, we can see that their bond is stronger than ever.

It’s hard to tell what we can expect for the sensates in this upcoming season, but the trailer features shots of the cluster in their daily lives, and also them questioning their identities.

The first season dealt with the sensates learning about their connection and how they can use it to help each other. Basically, it was about learning how you were stronger together than you were apart, a theme that will definitely carry over into the second season as the mysterious organization out to get them continues to put them at risk.

Specifically, the trailer states that the cluster is a “threat to secrecy.”

Netflix, teaming up with “The Matrix” creators, released the first season in June of 2015, with a two-hour Christmas special airing last year.

The next 10 episodes of the show will be released on May 5. Check out the trailer below!

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