Animal Logic Imagines a Bright Future


By: Jeff Graham

Juggernaut producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and the rest of the Imagine Entertainment team are venturing into animation with Animal Logic, known for animating such films as “Happy Feet” and “The Lego Movie.” The production companies has structured a deal to develop, produce, and finance six feature length projects over the next five years.

Grazer offers, “The animation space consistently outperforms other genres and we wanted to enter into that space by partnering with a company that is at the forefront of creative and technical achievement. Animal Logic is one of the industry’s most highly regarded digital production studios and I am excited for what we can create by combining our resources and talent in storytelling.”
The films aim to all cost between $75 and $85 million dollars, a middle-of-the-road budget for most animated films in the same space. That being said, the aforementioned LEGO MOVIE, who’s animation was handled by Animal Logic, cost only $60 million to make, and walked away with nearly half a billion in box office revenues, validating the studio’s commitment to well-financed production.
For Mr. Howard, the partnership “expands our mutually shared vision to create visually stunning, inventive, and heart-warming stories that appeal to families.”