‘Saturday Night Live’ to Air Live Across the Country

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By: Caroline Hartshorne

We all know that most “live” television isn’t aired live to all of the country as we are in different time zones depending on where you live.

So if a show is airing at 9pm those on the east coast will see it well before those on the west coast. A reason most of us on the west coast have to stay off social media just in case. However, that is about to change.

For the first time in 42 seasons, Saturday Night Live will really air live across the country. The April 15 episode and the following three in the season will air live at 11:30 ET, 10:30 Central, 9:30 Mountain and 8:30 PT.

The decision to change the time is contributed to being one of the most popular seasons in two decades. Robert Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment Chairman says “that way, everyone is in on the joke at the same time.”

The final four episodes will star Jimmy Fallon on April 15, Chris Pine on May 6, Melissa McCarthy on May 13, and Dwayne Johnson on May 20.