Pete Holmes Visits AfterBuzz TV To Discuss New Show ‘Crashing’

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By: Jeff Graham

Pete Holmes made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV’s Crashing Aftershow, where he was interviewed by hosts Jeff Graham, Mina Wahab, Josh Rodriguez, and Michael Rippe. Over the course of the hour long interview, he provided insight about both the nature of comedy, his personal life, and how those two are inevitably intertwined.

“[Comedians] are a species. Comedians are impulsive, and it actually hurts when you you don’t do comedy. I know it sounds depraved, but I think it’s a wonderful thing when you need your work and you get satisfaction out of it. In my real life, my first wife didn’t understand that.”

That’s not to say that he harbors resentment towards his ex. On the other hand, Holmes discussed how the show has allowed him to move past it, “If my ex-wife were to see the show, it would be my hope, that she would appreciate, or even enjoy, the fact that there are all these hints in the show, that are saying ‘I get it. Sometimes you end up with the wrong person.’ In the show, Pete was having an affair with comedy before he married his wife.”

On working with Judd Apatow, Holmes identified how Judd’s voice as a writer/creator contributes to surprising, unpredictable television. “Judd is perfect at that. Judd’s instincts as a writer push toward the opposite of what audiences expect.”

“Hopefully we’ll be hearing about a second season soon, and we’ll just ramp into production.” Holmes then joked, “If I’m not doing that, I’ll be at a local Wendy’s crying.”

The interview also touched on production specifics about the show, Pete’s friendship with acclaimed comic TJ Miller, and how to craft an autobiographical show.

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