Armani Salado for Aladdin!

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By: Brisa Villalobos

Armani Salado has always been attracted to acting since he was young. His passion for acting led him to grab a camcorder and record a “movie” every week with his friends and gather his family to watch. “I’ve developed a more devoted love for the art of acting,” said Salado.

Salado hopes to get considered for the role of Aladdin when Disney starts casting for the new live-action film based off the 90’s hit cartoon. In efforts to get cast for “Aladdin,” he is trying to get in Disney’s radar by doing interviews, using connections, and using #armaniforaladdin on social media to get the attention of the company, and not only does he look and sing like Aladdin, but Salado also feels he connects and understands the character since they both started out with nothing.

“As a young actor, I first started out in this industry with no connections and representation,”  said Salado. “But along the way I’ve met wonderful casting directors, good managers and agents. And I’m currently signed with a wonderful agency. I put this into perspective with Aladdin, as he started as a riff raff, street rat kid, then went up the ranks to become a prince (with some magical help lol) and finally got his girl at the end. So in a strange way we both went from the bottom and gradually, I still am, made our way up. It’s humbling to piece that together and apply it to the character and evolve a real sense of being to Aladdin.”

When asked what other kind of roles Salado can see himself playing he said, “there are sooooooo many roles I’d love to play. Diego Luna , from Star Wars Rogue One, has been I think already officially casted as the new Scarface, a role like that I would die for. An epic like Gladiator.. Wow!! Watching Russell Crowe play Maximus Decimus Meridius was one of the movies that launched my passion and love for acting. Mafia movies like Scarface, the godfather & epics like Gladiator along with war movies like Saving Private Ryan & Fury are the type of roles I dream of. I pray and hope eventually I get to land something like that , but as of now my roles have been the troubled teen or the boy next door or the mysterious boyfriend. But as I grow in my career , war movies, mafia movies , epics and I gotta add this, super hero movies , are the type of roles I’d love to take on.”

Salado feels like portraying Aladdin is a role that he knows he can take on and is excited and hopeful for this opportunity, and we are excited to see this bright new actor in many roles to come.
You can follow Armani on twitter at: @armani_salado.