AfterbuzzTV Exclusive- Guilt Creators Reveal Secrets About Prince Theo and Tease Veena Patel Secret

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By: Briana Phipps

Guilt Creators Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard revealed on the July 26th edition of the Guilt After Show on AfterBuzzTV that the enigmatic Prince Theo is in fact the father of Molly’s unborn child on the hit FreeForm series.  While it has been heavily suspected on the show, the fact had not yet been officially confirmed in the series.

During the discussion about Molly’s unborn child, Millard stated regarding Theo “He is the father.”

Price followed up, stating “We will confirm [that Theo is the father] for you.”

Guilt, which follows character Grace Atwood as she is accused of the murder of her best friend Molly Ryan while studying abroad in London, is currently in its freshman season on FreeForm.

The creators discussed several topics with the panel, also revealing that the character of Prince Theo is in fact the heir to the throne in the continuity of Guilt.

When asked whether Prince Theo was in fact the one to become the king.  Creator Kathryn Price replied simply “Yes.”

Price and Millard also teased that there would be a big secret that no one is expecting regarding the character of reporter Veena Patel which would shock the fans.

Price stated “I was going to drop this bomb out there, we will learn something that you’re probably not expecting about [Veena Patel.]”

Millard followed with “There’s no way you’re expecting it about her, but it will come together very well.”