‘The Night Of’ Actor J.D. Williams Talks Working With James Gandolfini and Relationship With HBO


By: Miaira Jennings

Los Angeles, CA, July 17, 2016 — (www.afterbuzztv.com) — After only two episodes, HBO’s new murder mystery mini-series The Night Of, an adaptation of BBC’s Criminal Justice, is already making serious noise for its suspense and cinematic style of storytelling. The plot follows the story of a bright Pakistani-American college student who becomes the leading suspect in a murder investigation after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Actor J.D. Williams who plays Trevor, a witness who may be hiding something, joins hosts Miaira Jennings, Joelle Monique, Abby Vega, and Renee Ariel on Maria Menounos’s AfterBuzz TV to discuss his experiences on the show.

Although the show recently premiered, the pilot was actually filmed years ago, and J.D. landed the role of Trevor in a pretty unconventional way. He outlines his audition process and how he received this special role, explaining, “James Gandolfini — this was his baby project. Rest in peace, Mr. Gandolfini. We actually got to do the table reading with him. So way back, this started way back then, and I believe my very first audition was for another character. I can’t even remember exactly which one it was. And it didn’t work out, but Steve Zaillian, I think he was still in the process of polishing up the scripts and writing some things. I’m very honored to say he had me in his mind, and he figured that he could fit me into a nice place. And he did, and I’m very appreciative of that. So that is how the role basically came about.”

His character Trevor on The Night Of is a wonderful addition to a list of impressive HBO projects J.D. is known for. His resume includes the role of Kenny on Oz, as well as Bodie on The Wire. “I feel like I went to HBO instead of finishing college,” he shares. “Being a part of that is kind of like being a part of an elite troupe, in a way. And especially when you continually get called back or you continually work with them. That means that they trust you with their quality.”

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