‘Game of Silence’ Actor Chuma Gault Sheds Light on Accurate Depictions of Institutional Child Abuse

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By: Miaira Jennings

Los Angeles, CA, June 2, 2016 — (www.afterbuzztv.com) — Although NBC recently announced that it will not be picking up Game of Silence after the end of its first season, the incredible cast, dynamic storyline and dedicated fans have continued to make the show a success in its own right.

Actor Chuma Gault who plays the role of Dennis on the series appears on Maria Menounos’s AfterBuzz TV to discuss his character and the show’s accurate depictions of institutional child abuse with hosts Miaira Jennings, Leslie Ambriz and Abby Vega.

On preparing to embody his character, Dennis, a reformed bad guy and born again Christian who struggles to escape his criminal past and influence of his drug dealing brother, Terry, Chuma reveals that he took a very hands-on approach. He shares, “In preparation for a possible, hopeful season 2, I went to Homeboy Industries downtown here. You know Homeboy Bakery? They use ex-cons and they funnel them right into the workplace to this breadmaking company and cafe. So I went down there to do a little research, and I ended up going into the gift shop and talking to one of these guys and telling him a little bit about the show. And he lifted up his shirt, and he showed me 27 stab wounds on his body.” Chuma goes on to explain that the man had been arrested for a double homicide the night of his 18th birthday. “What he proceeded to tell me about the stuff that went on in juvie, like, would have to be on Netflix or Hulu or HBO. I mean, we touch on it on our show a little bit, but it was all right down the line. And he was like, ‘yeah, you guys got it right’.”

With that being said, Game of Silence has steadily made headlines for its bold commentary on social issues, dark topics, “graphic” scenes and complicated characters that deviate from the norms of network television. For Chuma, this made landing the role of Dennis even more meaningful. He shares, “There was something about this part that spoke to me on a professional level. The things I said; no guns, a church man and all this stuff, a reformed criminal. There was something about the tone of the script I think that just fit my life where it was.”

No news has been released yet about a new home or second season for Game of Silence, but there’s no denying the splash this series has made on television thus far. The show’s finale will air this upcoming Sunday, June 5th at 7pm PST, followed by the AfterBuzz TV finale aftershow at 10pm PST.

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