‘GAME OF SILENCE’ Actress Eileen Grubba Advocated Actors with Disabilities, Effects of Typecasting and Impact of Social Media



By: Miaira Jennings

Los Angeles, CA, May 12, 2016 — (www.afterbuzztv.com) — NBC’s brand new drama series Game of Silence has made headlines for its dark storyline, which follows a group of friends who relentlessly seek revenge against those who abused them during their childhood. The show is filled with dynamic, flawed characters that blur the line between “good” and “bad”. Alice Ann, played by Eileen Grubba, is no exception. Eileen joins AfterBuzz TV hosts Miaira Jennings, Leslie Ambriz, Abby Vega and Nikki Preston to discuss all things Game of Silence and entertainment.

Eileen shared her experience overcoming obstacles in the industry as an actress with physical disability, and how producers on Game of Silence worked with her rather than against her. “They’ve been amazing. I have a rebuilt leg. I have a brace and all that stuff. It’s been a challenge in our industry, I’ll just be honest with you. But these producers, they didn’t care at all. They loved it.” Eileen explains, “They just asked, ‘can you do this?’ I love that they just ask if you can do it rather than just assume you can’t and not give you the job, which happens way too often.”

Reflecting on her experiences being turned down for jobs because of disability, Eileen emphasizes the importance of on-screen diversity. “I’ve been on the forefront of the battle for the inclusion of people with disabilities in our industry and the entire diversity issue. I’m on the SAG committee for diversity and I’ve been fighting really hard for that because I just feel like our world will be so much more complete, whole and kinder when everyone has a fair shot,” she declares. “We all have challenges. Some of them are visible and others are not.”

In response to the observation that she always seems to play wild, off-the-wall characters, Eileen explains, “That’s an interesting point, how typecasting happens and in the diversity arena. Years ago, I’d go in for roles and the they’d figure out that I had a limp. And then it was when we started going out for the hard crackhead, drug addict, hooker, prostitute roles that they could justify the limp,” she reveals. “And so, unfortunately, that’s how it all started.”

As limiting as typecasting may be for an actor, Eileen shares that it has also opened the door to great opportunities. “Fortunately for me, some of those roles really made an impact, like the one on Sons of Anarchy, Precious Ryan,” she explains. “I mean, I’ve played some ugly, ugly roles. I’m hoping one day I’ll get to play a pretty role before I’m dead, but whatever,” she jokingly expresses. “Things are changing and we’re on the tip of a tidal wave that we’ve been pushing for so many years…suddenly they’ll be looking back and nobody will know what we went through to get there.”

Regardless of her her battle to break the trend of typecasting for actors with disabilities, Eileen has definitely embraced her role as fiery, alcoholic mom with no filter, Alice Ann, and has been continuously sharing her support for the series online. Speaking on the role of social media and its impact on her experience with Game of Silence, she shares, “I felt like this is the time to get everybody in.” On the support of her fans, she states, “My Facebook following is really loyal. I have the most amazing Facebook fans. They share it all over the place. Smaller group on Twitter but it’s growing. They’re really loyal.” She continues, “You don’t have a whole lot of time to build an audience on a network show so you gotta do this work, so I’m glad we have social media to do all that now. I don’t know what they did way back then.”

Although it was just unfortunately announced that NBC will not be continuing Game of Silence after season 1, there is no denying the momentum that has been built thus far. Eileen and the rest of the cast remain optimistic that the show has garnered enough of a fan base and will finish out this first season strong enough to be picked up elsewhere.

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