‘THE PATH’ Star Sarah Jones Talks Friendship with Aaron Paul, Dressing Down Her Character, Pros and Cons of Organized Religion

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.46.11 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.46.11 AM

By: Miaira Jennings


Los Angeles, CA, May 4, 2016 — (www.afterbuzztv.com) — Hulu’s first hour-long original drama series The Path has only aired seven episodes, but has already seen tremendous success and has been officially renewed for a season 2. Actress Sarah Jones who plays Alison Kemp in the series, appears on Maria Menounos’ online broadcast network AfterBuzz TV to dissect episode 6 and her experience working on the show. Sarah discusses her friendship with award-winning actor, Aaron Paul, with hosts Susannah Kim and Miaira Jennings.

“Aaron actually was one of the first friends that I made when I moved to L.A.,” Sarah reveals. “When I found out that he was playing the lead, I wanted the role even more. Obviously, who doesn’t want to work with Aaron? When it all went through, it was a really exciting time.”

Aaron Paul plays lead character Eddie, who shares the screen with Sarah’s character Alison in many suspenseful scenes. In response to compliments on Alison’s grungy yet gorgeous on-screen look, Sarah explains how collaborating with the production team brought her vision to life.

“With wardrobe, with makeup, with hair, they were just so open,” Sarah shares. “And for me, I really, really wanted Alison to look as unkempt as possible and they were down. No one was worried about making me look pretty. And it was crazy as an actor to show up and not have to do makeup. That’s the best to not have to sit in a chair for two hours.”

Sarah’s character, Alison Kemp, is a believer-turned-denier of the Meyerist movement and will now stop at nothing to get justice for her late husband, whom she believes was murdered by other group members. Sharing her thoughts on the writers’ conceptualization of Meyerism and comparisons to other religions.

“There’s some elements where you think ‘this is really nice’, such as from the pilot where they get there before FEMA. They’re out there to help. They’re out there to really pull people up by the bootstraps and get them back on the right, sorry for the pun, path to where they need to be. Or the fact that they grow their own food, and they’re really specific about what they eat and they’re down with smoking pot. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that cult?” Sarah jokingly asks. On the other hand, Sarah explains that imperfections are what make Meyerism so realistic. “At the same time, you do see the cracks,” she states. “That’s also, I think, presenting an element of organized anything. There’s not going to be a perfect situation ‘cause that’s just not how humans are.”

Sarah makes it a point to remind fans that The Path is not meant to be a supernatural series by any means, and that viewers should suspend their disbelief when analyzing spiritual aspects of the plot that may not necessarily seem logical or realistic.

“I think that people should be open to the spirituality of it,” Sarah suggests. “Meaning, Eddie has had visions. The viewers have been given that. You guys have been given that, right? It’s up to you to decide what you make of that, but it is part of the story. There’s a spirituality here that you can’t just all stay in logic,” she eloquently explains. “Religion’s not made of all logic. This movement’s not made of all logic. You just have to be open to everything.”

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